Application Fields

Thanks to its properties, the product Alginit is useful in many fields and offers a variety of possibilities of exploitation, so far it allows:

  1. Satisfaction of the plant requirements in water and nutritive elements
  2. Increase in yields from 30 to 80% depending on the crop and the quantity of Alginit used

It is of this fact recommended for:

Horticulture: in seedbed or under greenhouse
Use for plants with particular requirement
Use for grass culture
Use of Alginit in organic agriculture

  1. Free of chemicals neither for fertilization nor for protection
  2. Reduce expenses
  3. Preserve natural resources
  4.  in association with compost to maximize the product potential


  1. Afforestation in sandy soils: limit desertification
  2. Limit pollution: limiting use of chemical products
  3. Protection of natural resources
  4. Protection of water table from nitrogen leaching

Medecine and therapy

  1. Ointment
  2. Rheumatism therapy
  3. Cosmetic products

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