To answer all your questions and to satisfy all your requirements, we have chosen the best experts in all the fields.
Our consultants are well known international references.

Dr. Gabor Solti:  a famous Geologist having an experience of more than 35 years in research and investigation. He is an international reference in the Alginit studies and was the first to initiate researches on that product.  

Dr. Karim Farhad, a specialist in organic agriculture. He made chemistry studies and had a Ph.D in agronomic sciences. He specialized in organic waste management and formulation of natural fertilizers.

  • Winner of many Hungarian and International acknowledgments in the fields of environment and organic agriculture. For example: GOLD PRIZE  by EUREKA 96, Exhibition and Conference for invention and innovation in Brussels held by European Union
  • Owner of many Inventions and Patents in the field of Environment and Organic Agriculture


  • Stockholder and Director of R&D of Biolife 2000 Corporation for trade and manufacturing of environmentally safe, bio-products in Hungary
  • Owner and Director of R & D in Compost Farm Ltd. Hungary In Hungary for Biological Waste Management, mainly vermiculture (worm composting) and recycling to very nutrient rich organic fertilizer.
  • Owner and Managing Director of Bio-Consulting Bt. Co. for scientific, technical and marketing  consultancy and supervising of organic agriculture and biological waste management and organic tobacco production.
  • Director of Research and Development in Agroferment invest Ltd. Hungary for marketing and franchising BENS technology for management of organic wastes and production of AGROFERMIX granulated organic fertilizer product line.

Curriculum Vitae Karim Farhad


Dr Gabor Solti: Ph.D in Geology

Dr Karim Farhad: Ph. D in Agronomic sciences

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