Alginit belongs to the category of oil shales. It is originated from Hungary, where it was exclusively discovered. Indeed, millions of years ago green algae (Botrycoccus braunii) proliferated in the closed ring-shaped volcanic crater – cone which arose from the Pannonian Sea.

Alginite is marketed in the form of natural pellets without additives. It is a unique product in the world in regard to its richness and effectiveness. This was confirmed by 38 patents, licenses and several research results. 

The resources of Alginite in the world are of 150 million tons, 80% of which are in Hungary.  Alginit is deposited in 40 cm thick layers. It levels on the surface, or is located near it. 
The surface of the Alginite layers in Hungary is 127 ha which corresponds to the arising of 122 million tons.  Currently in the Hungarian mines, only 5 ha of the entire surface are exploited.

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